Monday, October 26, 2009


Wow what a month, first Byron totaled Jills car by running a red light. It doesn't look bad from the pictures but the fram was bent, bummer.

Everybody was okay just shaken up a bit. 2 days later Byron was sideswiped on the interstate in the suburban, fortunately the suburban is tougher it only got a scratch while the other car needs a new door and mirror. We went to the State action to get our next car and got a ford taurus. It use to be a police car so I hope it last for awhile. OOHH, but thats not all, While towing our trailer to the lake we heard a funny noise coming from our suburban so when we came home from vacation we took it in and our transmission was blown, in fact our mechanic couldn't believe we made it home from the mountains, we must have been blessed. we are hoping that that is it for this year cause we are now broke, time to get a second job to build up the saving account. hope your last months were alot better.