Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Our Summer Adventures

For our summer vacation Jill and Byron went touring the church sites form Winter Quarters all the way to Palmyra, WOW what a road trip. we drove 5000 miles when we were done. This white house was Joseph and Emma's home in Nauvoo. It overlooked the Mississippi river.

We had a neat experience in the printing office. The mail wasn't delivered like we now have so what they did was print in the newspaper who had mail in the post office to be picked up. In reading a newspaper of the time we found that our Grandfather William Earl had mail to be picked up.

For Byron this vacation became a quest to find all the information about his ancestors that he could. It was amazing all the info the church had, they had a building that contained records on everyone who lived in Nauvoo. We found out where William Earl lived and farmed, they had records of Perkins who lived there,we need to see if we are related. We could have spent a week or more there but we only spent 3 days.

The sunsets were beautiful every night there and made for great pictures. This one is a statue of Joseph and Hyrum as they were leaving Nauvoo for the last time. It sits on a hill overlooking Nauvoo next to the Temple, it is a beautiful setting.

The Temple is Beautiful inside and out. There is a special spirit in this Temple. William Earl went to this Temple just before leaving Nauvoo and heading to Salt Lake. There is a sense of peace in Nauvoo now unlike when William lived there. What a wonderful place Nauvoo is, we would love to go back and spend more time going through the buildings and records and reliving the time when our ancestors walked the streets of Nauvoo.

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